Monarch Takes Flight

CalUAS releases a Beta version of the Monarch - a state-of-the-art aerial farm mapping robot
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Ridgecrest City Council picks Cal UAS for Grant funding

On June 18, 2014, the Ridgecrest City Council committed to fund a Cal UAS Manufacturing facility in Ridgecrest, CA through an Industrial Economic Development grant. A number of local citizens voiced an urgency to release the TAB funds allotted for this purpose without further delay, and Cal UAS was the clear front runner for the community's support. Along with several residents and business leaders, the Indian Wells Valley's Economic Development Council chose Cal UAS as their number 1 priority for funding.

New and Improved Agricultural Drones

Tetracam and CalUAS team up to produce agricultural drones

This could not come at a better time, especially in California where type of technology can help them get through a historical drought. Combining the Monarch drone with a state-of-the-art aerial farm mapping robot and the specialized camera from Tetracam, will provide farmers, foresters and other managers of environmental assets with essential real time information that was once only available from manned aircraft or satellites.

Featured at Small Unmanned Aircraft System Industry News (sUAS)

Historic drought emphasizes need for precision watering

As our leaders fight for immediate relief for the millions of residents -- including the bulk of California's critical agriculture industry -- in the face of our drought crisis, the leaders in the forefront of the precision agriculture movement are addressing the importance of precision water as part of our long-term solution in effectively and efficiently managing what is arguably our most precious resource: water.

Our leaders let an opportunity fly by
- The Los Angeles Times

Despite legitimate concerns about the domestic use of drones, California's bid to be chosen as a testing site deserved vigorous political support. It didn't happen.

SACRAMENTO - You might think that testing robotic aircraft for future civilian use would be a quintessential California enterprise. But not if you're a U.S. senator from the state. The governor's not exactly a cheerleader for the idea, either.

Eileen Shibley: FAA didn't pick Kern for drone integration, but we won't quit - The Bakersfield Californian

As Californians collectively scratch their heads over the Federal Aviation Administration's decision to leave our country's historic leader of the aerospace industry out of the process of integrating unmanned aerial vehicles into national airspace, the CalUAS team has been hard at work assessing what this decision means for our future.

Here's the good news: nothing has changed in terms of our continuing down the path of leveraging the unparalleled resources of our region to propel commercial drone technology forward. We still have the best airspace, the best ranges, the most exceptional scientific minds and a culture of technological collaboration.

Cal UAS moves forward - The News Review
Leaders puzzled by FAA decision to leave California out of aerospace venture

CalUAS - In the wake of the FAA's Dec. 30 designation of six test sites for integrating unmanned aerial vehicles into national airspace, local leaders expressed disappointment that CalUAS was left out of the selection.

However, confidence that the Inyokern Airport-based effort would play a role in the development of unmanned technology was unanimously expressed among the members of the CalUAS team, as well as among the political representatives of the region.

Danish news crew visits Inyokern Airport
- The News Review
Team Cal UAS shows off capabilities, potential for unmanned systems

CAL UAS - The local effort to create a safe haven for the advancement of unmanned systems at Inyokern Airport has attracted the attention of a Danish news crew, which spent Monday with team members of Cal UAS in an effort to capture the existing technology and document how industry is waiting for the skies to be opened up to full development of those innovations.

Cal UAS Day sees high numbers
- The Daily Independent

Inyokern Airport enjoyed a successful turnout Saturday as it hosted its first Cal UAS Portal Day.

The number of people in attendance soared higher than 5,000 as both locals from Ridgecrest and Inyokern and those from across the state nosed around vendors and displays. The day started at 9 a.m. By noon, cars were parked on the side of Highway 178 leading to Highway 14, with people hiking in.

Cal UAS: Technology provides various opportunities - The Daily Independent

INYOKERN - With a highly successful turnout on Saturday, Cal UAS Portal and Inyokern Airport received a show of support from the community as well as interest in what lay in wait for curious technology buffs.

Cal UAS Portal celebrates its second anniversary this month, as it formed two years ago with the idea that it could bring development of unmanned aircraft systems technology to Inyokern and the Indian Wells Valley.

Cal UAS Day attracts 6,000
- The News Review

Glowing political endorsements, breathtaking aerial displays and a miniature technology expo helped usher in the communitywide embrace of Cal UAS Portal last weekend when Inyokern Airport hosted an open house showcasing the strides the local effort has made as a candidate to host the integration of unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace.

Cal UAS Day: Elected officials give united endorsement - The News Review

The significance of Cal UAS Day as the emerging candidate of merit in the Federal Aviation Administration's endeavor to integrate unmanned aerial systems into national airspace was established when the open house at Inyokern Airport kicked off Saturday to glowing affirmations from elected officials at the federal, state, county and local levels.

Pilots captivate audiences, promote aviation culture - The News Review

While members of Team Cal UAS showcased the assets at Inyokern Airport last weekend, two of the local pilots who dazzled audiences at the event gave first-hand testimonies to the importance in perpetuating the technical cultures of aerospace development and aviation.

Inyokern named as GOBiz innovation hub - The Daily Independent

RIVERSIDE - Inyokern and the Indian Wells Valley have long been a hub of innovation. On Tuesday, Inyokern popped up on the grid as Gov. Jerry Brown's Office of Business and Economic Development (GOBiz) publicly broadcast the area as one of its newest innovation hubs. It is the first expansion of the network in nearly three years.

Drones: A golden economic opportunity
- San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego has everything going for it as a local business alliance competes with 24 similar groups in 23 other states to become one of six federally designated test sites for unmanned aerial systems - drones. San Diego has everything, that is, except the active political support of California's top political leadership. With literally thousands of good jobs and billions in economic impact at stake, that lack of political punch is mystifying - and could be costly.

USDA State Director given tour, breakdown of Cal UAS Portal - The Daily Independent

INYOKERN - Inyokern Airport's California Unmanned Aircraft Systems Portal team snagged an opportunity to brief the United States Department of Agriculture's top person in California on Thursday.

IYK unveils CalUAS Portal

"We think this is a huge opportunity for our area, and an equally important opportunity for all of California," said Eileen Shibley. As states around the nation are posturing for the highly competitive selection process for FAA test sites to integrate unmanned systems (UAS) into national airspace, the IWV Airport Board committee driving the local effort has unveiled its plan for the CalUAS Portal - which has IYK at the center.

IYK: Touchstone of the Past, Present, Future

A local asset that helped shape the past and present of the Indian Wells Valley promises to play an equally pivotal role in establishing our region as a hub of innovation. The brand-new, state-of-the-art, multimillion-dollar terminal at Inyokern Airport may be the most visible change at the local facility, but according to General Manager Scott Seymour, the upgraded infrastructure is just the beginning of the barely tapped potential of the local resource.

Support grows for IYK test-site effort - The News Review

The same natural advantages that made the Indian Wells Valley home to one of the greatest sites for research, development, test and evaluation of military weaponry in the country could spur similar growth on the civilian side of the fence if an effort being led by the China Lake Alliance is successful. According to Alliance Director Mick Gleason, Inyokern Airport has everything the Federal Aviation Administration is looking for in the process to identify six test sites across the country for integrating unmanned systems into national airspace.

IYK: Center of high-tech activity

"The pristine 7,100-foot runway 15/33 at nyokern Airport will soon echo with the sound of the future, as our high-performance, all-electric Long-ESA executes taxi-testing, first flight and world record attempts at this wonderful facility," Chip Yates of Flight of the Century announced Tuesday.

Alliance moves ahead on IYK proposal

With the announcement of a formal timeline and additional insight into what information the proposals should include, the China Lake Alliance is pressing forward on its effort to have Inyokern Airport designated as one of six national test sites for unmanned aerial vehicles. Last December Congress passed legislation issuing a directive to the Federal Aviation Administration to "develop a plan to accelerate the safe integration of unmanned aircraft systems into national airspace."

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